New Boarders’ BBQ

Everyone acknowledges that friendship is one of the vital elements in an individual’s life. Friends, especially in school, are most likely the first group of people you will go to if you feel disorientated and for a new boarder they are essential! After spending a frantic and bewildering first week in school, boarders were invited to an Induction BBQ party where food was abundantly supplied. The scent given off by a great variety of mouth-watering food such as grilled steak, burgers and chicken fillet, triggered our appetite. But to me, what I treasured about this event wasn’t the food, but instead, the fact that we had the opportunity to meet other boarders and newcomers. Having a BBQ party in such an idyllic garden allowed us to let go of the pressure that has been piling up since the first day of school. We could truly start introducing ourselves to colleagues that we associate with every day, or even pupils with less day-to-day contact. Frankly, this BBQ event has opened a new chapter of my social life in Mill Hill School.

Ricko Lam

DVD and Treats for New Boarders

After heated debate, ‘Captain America: the Winter Soldier’ was the film chosen from a selection of recent releases. Boarders (except those opting to go on the Chinatown Trip) from all Houses gathered in Ridgeway TV Room to eat food (figures large in the life of a boarder) such as hot dogs, crispy chicken Krispy Kremes, pizza, fruit platters, nachos, popcorn and a range of chocolate inspired goodies! It was great for everyone to meet all the new pupils starting School this September as we like to think ourselves as a community and not just separate Houses. There was some lively debate about the merits of the film, but a good time was nevertheless had by all!

Boarder’s Council

Ridgeway is Bowled Over

Our annual bowling Induction Trip took place in early September – a great opportunity for old hands to bond with our newest pupils in House. With Collinson also booked at the same time, much friendly rivalry developed between the lanes, with Ridgeway showing off their superior skills, especially Djantai! The Games Arcade also proved to be a slight distraction and Armaan managed somehow to win a huge amount of Haribos!… Back to the House, we all had an American style supper in the Games Room with a fantastic array of deli-style food on offer. All of our new pupils have settled in brilliantly and whilst we still miss our leavers from last year, the House has now readjusted, we are ready for, and look forward to, an exciting new chapter over the coming year.

Gleb Silyutin

Cambridge Trip

Our trip to Cambridge took place on a pleasant Sunday afternoon. We drove there, and started our visit at the centre of the town. During the two-hour trip, we were led by an experienced guide who told us a lot about Cambridge history and we visited a few colleges and houses with a wide range of architectural styles, amongst which Pembroke College was the most impressive! Pembroke Chapel is one of Christopher Wren’s stunning first pieces of work and was breath-taking to see in person. King’s College is also said to have some majestic architecture but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to visit its C, which is said to be large and sublime so hopefully I will pay a visit there another day. The colleges were open for us to go inside and freely look around. Whilst having a walk around the campus it was exciting seeing the students who were on the campus and being able to have a sense of life in Cambridge; very inspirational to all.

Weixi Fu

A Taste of Britain

I have been living in this country for just about over two years and I was quite convinced that there was nothing that could really surprise me about Britain, however “Taste of Britain” proved me wrong. Not only it was informative and gave us a lot more facts and other data about Britain’s sports, culture and kitchen aspects in a form of a presentation, it was also very interesting and interactive evening, partly due to a superb speaker who was presenting the slides but also due to the fact that we were offered some very good examples of British kitchen, such as: black pudding, some pork pies and exceptional spotted dick for desert. Personally I considered the “Taste of Britain” a very interesting occasion and I look forward to any other events of this kind.

Sultan Kenjeyev