Cooking Club June 2010

Cooking Club

Aidar Artykbaev

Like many men and boys I am not particularly fond of cooking, or, to be precise, wasn’t until very recently. I considered it a waste of precious time and unnecessary effort when fast food is always at hand. I was curious, though, about the new boarders’ Cooking Club, led by Mr Shaw in Ridgeway and decided to take a look at the pilot session which was focusing on baking: Victoria sponges, strawberry and cream cake and traditional scones to be precise. One session has turned my views around! Mr Shaw has the skills and tolerance of a professional chef. He laid out the ingredients in a clear and accessible way so that even an amateur like me could get his head round it all. When I made errors he was quick and patient in correcting me, and my cake was saved! The processes are already in my head, and I felt like a chemist, artist and creator, mixing and adding, and pouring all into pans and bowls. Nothing could beat the sense of accomplishment at the end. I would definitely recommend the Cooking Club to anyone. You won’t regret it, and will be proud to know how to conjure up something that is not just edible, but which is actually really good. Sessions next term include Cooking to Survive at University and Cooking to Impress! I can’t wait to show my new skills to mum and dad back home in Kyrgyzstan.

Cooking Club

Aidar Artykbaev, Collinson

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Boarders’ Inter-House Football Competition

Team photo

With the exam period coming to a close, a large number of eyes were firmly fixed on the Annual Football Competition – always one of the most fiercely fought events in the boarders’ calendar. The Ridgeway House players, this time captained by Yianni Fafalios, were the defending champions; but nothing was certain as the many informal weekly competitions taking place during the summer term had seen a constant shifting of the balance of strength between all the Houses. It was anyone’s game. After Collinson were fairly convincingly beaten by Burton Bank, with some excellent play from Mark Fikri, they rallied themselves and pushed Ridgeway hard with some skilled moves and strong teamwork, especially by Chevonne Leighton, until a memorable goal by Mason Caton-Brown secured Ridgeway a place in the final against Burton Bank. Burton Bank having scored the most goal points, went in a clear favourites, however, strong defence tactics meant that the game ended at 0-0, despite some nail-biting moments. This resulted in penalty shoot outs where Ridgeway defeated Burton Bank with a 5-3 win as Burton Bank just could not consistently get the ball past the agile Yianni Fafalios!

Team photo

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Chinese New Year

Chinese Lion

In Boarders’ Council, we decided we wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year in a more unified way this year; after discussing and discarding different thoughts across the Houses, we decided we would like to go somewhere smart. So, to celebrate Chinese New Year we set off, in a packed coach, to a celebrity favourite, the Phoenix Palace in the centre of London. It is the first time we had ventured into restaurant territory in such a large group and we had an amazing time. We feasted on Dim Sum; Sautéed Chicken with Ginger & Scallion; Chinese Mushrooms with Seasonal Greens; Crispy Squid in Chilli & Peppercorn Salt; Sweet & Sour Pork; Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce; Jasmine Rice and oranges and Chinese tea! David Tan, the School’s North East Asian and Chinese Liaison Officer, arranged for traditional lion dancers to perform especially for us to add a special magic to the evening. We left very reluctantly, but in high spirits to return to Mill Hill, having enjoyed a unique trip out, which we definitely wish to repeat!

Chinese New Year celebrations

Written by Boarders’ Council

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Introducing Korean Culture

Korean Student

There are only a few Koreans here at Mill Hill School. To help other pupils understand more about the culture and the differences existing within East Asian countries, Lance Yang, Jun Hwang, and Mark Lee prepared a special evening introducing South Korea to a number of boarding pupils. The event began with a taste of delicious varieties of traditional Korean food, unfamiliar to many pupils in England. This included Bibimbab, Kimchee Jeon, and Bulgogi, all of which lots of Koreans love to eat. The evening progressed with Jun Hwang and Mark Lee’s fascinating presentation of South Korea which covered aspects such as history, city life, the 1988 Olympics and also Korea’s diplomatic relationships with other foreign countries. It was an interesting evening event which finished with a showing of the film “Brotherhood” telling the pupils a story about the South and North Korean war and its horrible effects on others. Everyone left, having learnt a little more about a culture different to their own!

Korean Evening

Mark Lee and Lance Yang

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Skating at Hampton Court Palace

Last term the boarding Houses Burton Bank, Collinson and Ridgeway set out for an exciting event that took place under the supervision of the respective Housemasters/mistresses: ice skating at Hampton Court Palace. After a fun coach ride where we were all in very high sprits, we arrived at Hampton Court Palace, world famous as the home of Cardinal Wolsey and King Henry 8th, and lesser known for its Christmas ice rink! Despite the huge queues for skates, we reached the rink quickly and we skated together for a whole hour in front of an amazing background, illuminated by fairy lights and with a clear view of the stunning palace. Afterwards we warmed up in the small cafe with hot chocolate and hot dogs! Each one of us really enjoyed the trip, as it is always good to have a break from normal routines and all students are very grateful that because of Miss Farrant’s organisation such events are often possible.

Skating at Hampton Court Palace

Christina Seibold (Year 10, Collinson)

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Boarders’ Basketball Tournament

A mood of enthusiasm and excitement reigned in the Sports Hall at the end of January, with the boarding Houses all eager to establish their supremacy on the basketball court in the Boarders’ inter-house basketball competition. After several nail-biting matches, Burton Bank successfully defended their trophy with some fabulous teamwork under the Captain, Andrew Su. Many swift and effective moves from Yi Ming Zheng threw Ridgeway’s and Collinsons’ tough defence off balance, concluding in victory for Burton Bank. The man of the match was named as Paul Lange of Ridgeway, who led his House to second place. Paul made some fantastic tactical moves and he shone consistently in both defence and attack. Collinson tried hard to come back after their defeat by Burton Bank; however, they lost too many baskets to Ridgeway, coming in at third place, despite the best efforts of talented newcomer, Chevonne Leighton. Although the tournament was very competitive, it was really entertaining and over 70 pupils across the three boarding houses came along to support their Houses and to play basketball. Many thanks to Ales Rencin our brilliant and supportive coach who runs the School’s Sunday Sports Club for his organisation of the event and for his constant encouragement.

Basketball team

The 10 Mile Cup is the next big event…where Burton Bank and Ridgeway are traditionally rivals for the top spot and are the only two Houses to have broken the 1 hour mark over the past decade. Watch this space!

Lance Yang (Burton Bank))

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‘Open House’ Trip

Recently it was ‘Open House’ day in the city of London; therefore many buildings, like the Bank of England, which we visited, were open to the public. We were given an introduction to the financial history of Britain and we visited the garden court, governor’s room, the ante room and the committee room respectively. During the tour we were given some fascinating insights into the financial workings of the system, particularly enjoyed by the economists in the group; we were even given an opportunity to handle a gold bar! Despite the long queue, we all had a good time and everybody was inspired by the magnificence of the architecture. Since the Bank of England is not open to the public usually, this trip will be a unique experience and a special memory always for all of us. A big thank you to Ms Farrant for organising the trip and to Miss Sutherland for accompanying us.

Tony Weng (Year 13, Ridgeway)

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Eid Al-Adha – or ‘Greater Eid’

The 27th of November was the day Muslims around the world celebrated Eid Al-Adha’ this year. This is a celebration in honour of the people who complete the 2 week long pilgrimage in Mecca, known as Hajj. Typically, it’s a day on which extended families and family friends all get together for feasts, festivals and fun. As boarders, we aren’t always able to enjoy this day with our families, however, the Eid dinner arranged by the school allowed the Muslim boarders to experience and enjoy the spirit of Eid. There are currently 6 Muslim borders at Mill Hill and 5 of us, Bari and Deba of Burton Bank, Yasmine of Collinson, and Mubin and Mifthah of Ridgeway were able to attend the dinner. Also, we were joined by Mrs Farrant and Mr Ali. Ms Farrant’s presence with us at dinner was a real pleasure.

Our discussions touched different aspects of Islam from a simple 5 minute prayer and the way in which Mr Ali supports our prayer at School, to the intense and important pilgrimage of Hajj. In addition, Ms Farrant was able to give us an insight into some functions of Christianity as well, and it was extremely interesting to compare and stretch our knowledge of our own religions. The food was lovely, and the spiced lamb and rice created an authentic ‘Muslim’ atmosphere; all of us appreciated it hugely and are grateful to Mike Gibson and his staff who are always so supportive and who took care of us brilliantly whilst simultaneously masterminding a Thanksgiving Dinner with an American theme! At the end of the evening, we had all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, had a lovely dinner, and reflected about religion whilst being able to celebrate Eid with our fellow Muslims. It was a special way to spend this important day.

Mifthah Ibrahim (Year 13, Ridgeway)

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Perfect Game!

As we settled into a new term at Ridgeway House, our annual bowling trip to Hollywood Bowl in Finchley was eagerly anticipated. The mild weather lent a pleasant backdrop to the two fun-filled, and in some cases, fiercely competitive games; everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves with James Alculumbre and Yasin Mohamad bowling sensationally and scoring well over a hundred each. The bowling was a great chance for everyone in Ridgeway to socialise and for the old pupils of Ridgeway to warmly welcome the new.

Upon return to Ridgeway House, we had a delicious American themed feast of burgers, hot dogs, pizzas and nachos; but the highlight was the gigantic chocolate fountain, with strawberries and marshmallows, plus the ubiquitous Krispy Kremes. Many thanks to Miss Farrant, Joe and Matron for a fantastic evening!

Rory Harris (Ridgeway)

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Boarders’ Barbecue

As the new School year began and a fresh-faced batch of students from all corners of the globe joined the boarding community, a welcome barbecue was held in the beautiful setting of the walled Crick Garden on Friday night. The fine feast of burgers, hot dogs, salads, strawberries and ice cream, was provided by Mike Gibson and his expert catering team; thank you! The occasion provided a wonderful opportunity for pupils, both new and old and across all different age groups, from all three boarding Houses to get to know each other. Luckily the weather was perfect, sunny and bright, with a slight breeze, and spirits were correspondingly high. An ideal start to what promises to be another fantastic year for the boarders!

Charlie Williams, Head of House, Ridgeway

Boarders at the barbecue

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