Xin Chào: an Evening in Vietnam

Tu Linh and I spent several hours sifting through our photographs of Vietnam to try to choose the ones which would most represent our country. In the end we chose a mix of rural and urban shots to try to bring out the special qualities of Vietnam and used these as part of a slide show for boarders across the Houses. We also gave a snapshot of the political turmoil undergone by our country in the past and of how it has made us what we are today. In response to pupils’ questions about dress – we had two traditional silk pieces on show and to round off the evening we had an authentic Vietnamese feast including: Mon Cari, Ca Tim, Rau Thap Cam, Goi Ngo Sen and Goi Du Du. Everyone enjoyed the mix of fruit, spice and fragrant herbs, which characterise Vietnamese food and we had a lovely time!

Yen Do and Tu Linh Nguyen

Paint Balling Battles in Hertfordshire!

Few things will encourage a boarder to stir early on a Sunday morning after a long hard week at School, but paint balling is a temptation that just cannot be resisted… So, after a hasty breakfast, 12 of us piled into the mini-bus, with Mr Halford and some nervous looking Gap students, psyching ourselves up in readiness for the battle to follow. On arrival we quickly divided into teams and threw ourselves into the activity with fierce determination, trying hard to keep out of enemy reach and duly covering ourselves with yellow paint in the process. The end result was a hard fought draw, but we had great fun and didn't start feeling the bruises until almost back at Mill Hill. Looking forward to the next battle!

Gleb Silyutin and Andrey Pethukov

Boarders’ Induction BBQ

On a beautiful unclouded evening, our annual boarder’s barbecue was held in the Crick Garden. Pupils across all three boarding houses, Collinson, Ridgeway and Burton Bank, gathered to enjoy delicious burgers, ice cream and hot dogs under sunny skies. This annual barbeque is said to be one of the boarders’ favourite events as it provides a great opportunity for everyone to catch up and to make new friends from all corners of the globe. This event is a really special occasion for both new pupils and pupils who have already spent time at Mill Hill. As a new boarder, I definitely feel that every boarder is part of the Mil Hill family, whichever House they are in. Many thanks to Mike Gibson and his team for all their hard work!

Chen Lin
(Ridgeway House)