Orale! Mexico

Afonso is Mill Hill’s first Mexican pupil so his arrival has caused lots of interest this year. Although it must have been quite nerve-racking for a Fourth Former to take sole charge of an International evening, he rose to the challenge and gave us a really interesting insight into Mexican living! With Miss Farrant’s help, there was a Mexican spread of chilli con carne, burritos, nachos, fajitas, spicy guacamole, huevos rancheros, tacos, salsas, albondegas and frijoles refritos. We were all very impressed and envious of stories of the beach in the sunshine and could picture ourselves in Acapulco! However, he also explained the other side of Mexican life which made us stop and think. Thank you, Alfonso, for an entertaining evening.

Phung Van Thanh

A Taste of Kyrgyzstan

I admit my knowledge of Kyrgyzstan was very limited before Sultan's and Atai’s talk. I knew it was a country somewhere close to Russia, but not much more than that! By the end of the evening, through the boys’ fascinating presentation, I learnt a host of facts about how Kyrgyzstan gained independence and how the history has shaped its people and made them strong. I also learnt about the country’s traditional music and arts, and its incredible mountains and lakes. To finish the evening, it was fun to taste some different food; we tried things such as lepyoshka, plov and samsa, as well as various traditional sweets and cakes. Very different to Chinese food and a really interesting experience.

Linda Tan

Chinese New Year

It is hard being away from home at times when there are special celebrations going on in our own country, so we were very glad to celebrate Chinese New Year in Ridgeway with all of our friends from other Houses and to introduce something of our customs and traditions to others from different cultures. After a fascinating talk from David and Diana which covered a huge range of information about Chinese traditions, customs and myths, we had a wide spread of Chinese delicacies, followed by entertainment. Highlights of this were Cindy Cui who stunned us all with her performance on the erhu, Luna Huang’s amazing fan dance and Jerry Wu’s Chinese folk song. It gave us a taste of home! Thank you!

Sharon Yin