Collinson ‘provides an environment of continuity and support wherein each student can develop the self-respect and confidence that will afford them happiness allied with academic success’.

Further to the Headmaster John McClure’s decision that another boarding House was required on the school site, Collinson House opened in September 1903. There was no particular reason for the choice of name, though the number of trees around the house did make the name appropriate as the eminent botanist Peter Collinson had died some 35 years before the House was built. The House originally had not only a full complement of staff for the boys, but also a housekeeper who looked after the Housemaster and his family; she lived on the top floor of the three and mingled with all House members. This tradition lasted into the 1960s.

Having been home to some famous people down the years, and with a 112 year history behind it, Collinson was chosen to be the House affiliated to The Mount, Mill Hill International, the Foundation’s fourth School. And so in September 2015, the second chapter of this great House began as the new School opened its doors to boys and girls from around the world. In order to assure liaison with the main School, not least with drama, sport and activities in mind, the resident staff did not change. Our traditions are still in evidence too, and our House colours of brown and pink remain but our new incarnation is exciting indeed. We are privileged to be carrying the MMHI standard forward.

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St Bees
St Bees is the annexe to Collinson House and home to junior girl boarders at Mill Hill. It is a wonderfully friendly and quiet corner of the School.