Following an exhaustive consultation process, we have recently decided to change the structure of our week. From September 2012, lessons will no longer be timetabled on Saturday mornings, and we will also be introducing weekly boarding alongside our traditional full boarding offer, allowing weekly boarders to combine the benefits of boarding from Monday to Friday with those of home life at the weekend. Those who opt for full boarding will be able to take part in a new Saturday morning programme of academic workshops and other activities, which will also be available as an option to both day pupils and weekly boarders.

There has been an evolution in boarding education over the past decade; emphasis is now firmly placed on the development of the whole individual and the many advantages of a boarding education are widely recognized. Boarding pupils are able to learn how to utilize time effectively and how to manage their commitments; this in turn affords them a clear academic advantage as they are able to establish a strong work ethic and routine within a structured environment. They are able to experience a vast array of extra-curricular activity, which takes place outside the School day as the School site is their home and as such, a flexible and exciting space, full of possibilities. As part of an international cohort, they undergo a unique preparation for university life in a multi-cultural environment.

But, most importantly, when pupils board at Mill Hill School – they don’t just join a School – they become part of an extended family; they have a sense of belonging and know that they are accepted as individuals, that problems will be shared and triumphs celebrated. Living and working within a genuine community, provides a safe training ground within which to develop critical life-skills, such as the importance of communication, consideration and compromise, lessons which cannot be taught as powerfully or meaningfully in the classroom. With a grading of ‘outstanding’ attributed to Mill Hill by the ISI Inspectors during the last Inspection for the excellent pastoral work undertaken by the School, our reputation for the highest standards of pastoral care is well deserved; to us, every child does indeed matter, hugely.

We would be delighted to take you on a tour of the boarding Houses, so that you can meet some of our pupils and talk to a number of boarding staff, all of whom will be happy to give you further insight into the uniqueness of Mill Hill.

Lindsey Farrant, Director of Boarding