Overseas Partnerships

To celebrate the Millenium in 2000 the Headmaster at the time, William Winfield, encouraged Mill Hill School to take a wider world view with the formation of three partnerships in East Africa, Tamil Nadu, South India and Nicaragua, Central America.

The aim of these partnerships was to:

  • Develop understanding of different peoples and cultures
  • Encourage self-reliance and confidence
  • Give a focus for school-wide fundraising
  • Enable up to 30 sixth formers to travel and work with students in poorer countries

Over the years the the School has continued to develop the Overseas Partnership schemes, whilst adjusting our link schools as circumstances have changed. We have currently work closely with Partnership projects in Tamil Nadu, Zambia and continue to support the project in Nicaragua.

Partnership Overview

Sri Jayendra School in Tamil Nadu, India, aims to improve the chances of the poorest children in the local area. Mill Hill pupils are involved in teaching English at the school, fundraising for capital projects, sponsoring children who attend the school. Los Pipitos Charity in Jinotepe, Nicaragua, provides assistance to parents and children with varying disabilities. Mill Hill pupils raise money for this project. In Zambia the School works with the Tag Rugby Trust project, in Ndola, which uses rugby as a vehicle to ‘Build Futures’ by providing relevant and challenging opportunities for children and adults alike. Mill Hill pupils are involved in teaching the youngsters to play tag rugby before organising tournaments and sporting events for them to practise their new found skills.