In the Art department at Mill Hill we aim to nurture and develop creativity.

Whilst the department introduces pathways for all students to explore we also support personal projects that might explore unusual territory, for example this year we have seen our first inflatable sculpture floating around the studios.

We work with both traditional visual media – for example drawing, painting and sculpture which we consider to be very important – and also new digital media, for example photography, film and animation.

Part of the work that we do explores the history of visual ideas. We look at world culture and we value art of the past as well as contempory ideas and images.

We teach a design process that is relevant to all of the fine arts; product based two and three dimensional design, visual communication and architecture.

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Sixth Form Trip to New York
Our overseas art trips to New York and Venice in 2012 were inspirational for both staff and pupils and their experiences enhanced their artwork when back in the classroom.