Creative Careers & Higher Education

The Careers Department at Mill Hill provides pupils with up-to-date information and guidance on entry to, and training in, most careers. The Piper Library has a well-stocked careers section containing relevant literature and pupils are encouraged and supported to obtain work experience, with the help and guidance of the School. Pupils have Careers lessons as part of the PSHRE programme.

Most Fifth Form pupils take the Morrisby Careers guidance test; pupils then have an individual interview with a careers advisor to ensure they choose A Level subjects relevant to possible future degree courses and careers.

The School offers detailed careers advice and specialist evenings are organised to inform the career and university choices made by pupils. Mill Hill has also developed a number of university partnerships over the past decade. In the most recent inspection, career and higher education advice was described as excellent.

The School organises a Careers and Gap Year Fair biannually; the next one is scheduled for Spring 2014.

Typically, over 95% of Mill Hill Upper Sixth leavers go on to university or other higher education course.

Our students went on to study in the creative arts and associated studies at the following (please click here to see academic destinations):

  • Bournemouth
  • Brunel
  • Central Lancashire
  • Central St Martins
  • Glasgow School of Architecture
  • Kingston
  • Leeds
  • Leeds Metropolitan
  • Loughborough
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham Trent

Mark Mindel
Mark went up to The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in 2012. This portrait was taken for the Upper Sixth Form Leavers’ Yearbook – the brief was to present yourself in a moment in time so that you could look back on it as a 40 year old in the year 2034.