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Summer 2014

Michael Proctor Building Opens at Belmont

On Friday 4th July, Lord Robert Winston opened the Michael Proctor Building at Belmont, Mill Hill Preparatory School. This fantastic new building boasts two state of the art science labs, six large classrooms and an airy assembly hall. The Foundation is immensely proud of the new building and we believe it will prove to be an important investment in our children’s futures. This exciting learning environment will help to instil a passion for Science that could help to nurture a Francis Crick of the future, building on Mill Hill School’s legacy of invention and innovation.

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Classicists Excel at University

We are delighted to announce that Old Millhillian Classicists are doing extremely well at their respective Universities. Jack Weller and William Magee have both achieved 1st Class honours (BA Classics – Literae Humaniores) at Cambridge. Jack also won the University Prize for Greek as well as gaining a Half-Blue in Eton Fives.

After his BA (Greek Civilisation & History) at University of Leeds, Demetrios Skinitis did his MA (History of Warfare) at Kings College London. He is now Military & Defence Liaison for Defence IQ.

Charlie Ensor: BA (Classical Civilisation) at University of Leeds, is now researching in Tigray Province (Ethiopia) and is about to receive his MSc (Development Administration & Planning) from UCL.

Ruhel Jamal has gained a BA (Classics) at Royal Holloway University of London and an MA (American Studies) at Kings College London.

Jack Herrick will gain BA (Sociology) from University of Leeds next summer; he is presently working in Shanghai.

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Mill Hill Residential Biology Field Course

The Lower Sixth enjoyed a 4 day trip to Juniper Hall in Dorking to expand their knowledge of ‘Investigating Populations’. The weather was extremely kind to us, meaning that all the planned field work was bathed in sunshine. We collected some of our best data for mark-release-recapture, giving an accurate estimate of the population of rams horn snails. We trapped 5 bank voles, named them and released them once we had examined their specialised features which make them excellent crepuscular animals (watch the video clips to see how to set a trap and watch them being released). We also dissected Holy leaf miners to estimate the number who survive to maturity compared to the number laid. We have developed skills in statistical analysis of population data. In amongst all that we also managed to watch some World Cup Games.

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Teens Unite Dinner

This summer we are delighted that a group of 30 teenagers with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses, supported by the charity ‘Teens Unite’, will be using the premises at Mill Hill School for an activity holiday. We would like to invite you to a Formal Dinner during the stay, on 16th August hosted by the teenagers and some pupils from the school who are volunteering during the week. It looks set to be an event not to miss and an opportunity to support an extremely worthwhile cause. For more information or to buy tickets please contact Ellie from Teens Unite by emailing

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Mathematicians Excel at Mill Hill

Mill Hill’s most successful year in the UK Mathematics Trust’s various challenges has been topped off with the news that two of our pupils, Shu Yu Wen and Hao Yuan Yang (pictured), have been invited to attend the highly prestigious National Mathematics Summer School, an event which has run for over 20 years and that is attended by around 40 of the most talented mathematicians in the UK and only by invitation.

Also recently, a team comprising two Belmontians, Samuel Cooper and Miles Keat and two Millhillians, Jerry Wu and Matthew Hopper went to Haberdashers'Aske School in Elstree and took on teams from other schools, solving mathematical problems and puzzles. At one point in the challenge the Mill Hill School Foundation team were in the top five but by the end we finished a very creditable 10th out of the 30 schools, the highest position we’ve achieved thus far.

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Mill Hill School Combined Cadet Force Annual General Inspection

The School’s Combined Cadet Force held its Annual General Inspection on Wednesday 7th May 2014.

The Reviewing Officer was Colonel Simon Diggins RRF who was welcomed to the School by the contingent’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Dominic Luckett. The Newcastle Drill Competition was judged by Warrant Officer (RSM) Fritz Albrecht. Due to the excellent weather, the parade took place as planned on the Quad with guests from both Mill Hill and Mill Hill County High Schools.

Turnout for the Newcastle Competition was high with 11 teams taking part, most of which with full squads. Credit must be awarded to those Houses who made a great effort to put teams together and in some cases train cadets from scratch. The Newcastle Shield was won by the McClure House squad ably led by the RSM, WO1 George Sheppard. This year a beautiful new trophy for the best Squad Leader, kindly donated by OM Noyan Nihat was awarded to Cadet Joshua Jackson from Ridgeway House.

George Sheppard receiving Newcastle Award and Joshua Jackson receiving award for the best Squad Leader.

The final parade was of an impressive standard. Both the victorious Newcastle squad and the Corps of Drums delivered marching displays and the Corps of Drums ended their musical performance with a superbly crisp routine. Colonel Diggins was very impressed and warmly congratulated all the cadets upon their performance as he addressed the contingent at the end of the parade.

Afternoon activities were undertaken by the Army, Navy and RAF sections and included jackstay, first aid, chart work, mast assembly, field craft, canoeing and rigging with a Laser 2000 kindly provided by the Welsh Harp Boat Station.

In addition, a march and shoot competition took place involving 10 teams. This comprised of a one mile lap of the school followed by a grouping shoot in the indoor range. The competition was thoroughly enjoyable for spectators and the effort delivered in the march and the standard of shooting by team members was commendable. The competition was won by the Mill Hill County High School team closely followed by Murray and Priestley Houses.

This year’s AGI was hugely successful and portrayed the Contingent in a very positive light. Such an excellent outcome would not have been possible without the support of those many parents and staff who helped ensure the delivery of such a high quality and rewarding event. We are extremely grateful to the cadets, staff and parents for their hard work and support, and to the inspection parties for their time, care and genuine interest in our contingent.

Major Anthony Norrington

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Junior Open Tennis Competition

Each year, pupils from 10 of our feeder schools compete in the successful Mill Hill Junior Open Tennis Competition at Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn.

This year, the ninth competition, (aimed at Under 11s, Years 5 & 6), attracted over 40 pupils, and once again it was a full day of tennis for the children with both a main competition and a consolation event.

The boys’ competition was very much dominated by one school with all 8 quarter finalists from University College School. The eventual winner was Year 4 pupil Charlie Gordon who beat fellow pupil Joshua Imber, 4-2 in a match consisting of extremely challenging rallies.

The winners – Charlie Gordon and Sophia Lejonvarn

The girls’ competition saw last years’ winner Sarah O’Brien from Newberries take on Sophia Lejonvarn from St Mary’s. Once again it was an exciting game with some exceptionally consistent and creative rallies, but it was Sophia who became the new champion with a 4-2 victory.

The Boys Consolation event was won by Lyndhurst pupil, Finlay Doyle. Trophies were presented to all the Quarter, Semi and Finalists.

Year 9 Millhillians assisted in the running of this event and helped to make it a really enjoyable day for all the pupils who participated.

We are aiming next year to get more schools’ involved in this event – please direct any queries to

Results 2014

U11 Boys


Charlie Gordon (UCS)

Runner Up

Joshua Imber (UCS)

Semi Finalist

Louis Shaw (UCS)

Semi Finalist

Joseph Sher (UCS)

Q Finalist

Sebastian Giacopazzi (UCS)

Q Finalist

Raphael Howard-Yam (UCS)

Q Finalist

Solal Afota (UCS)

Q Finalist

Jake Jason (UCS)

U11 Girls


Sophia Lejonvarn (St Mary’s)

Runner Up

Sarah O’Brien (Newberries)

Semi Finalist

Charlotte Kaye (Newberries)

Semi Finalist

Sasha Rozanov (St Mary’s )

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Cricketing History Made at Mill Hill

The start of the 2014 cricketing season has been greatly enhanced by the inclusion of the first girl to ever play for Mill Hill School’s 1st XI. Sophia Dunkley has enjoyed a great start to the season and has become the first girl to play for the 1st XI in the history of the School helping enormously towards a 100% winning start. She is currently the leading wicket taker for the Firsts and has also assisted with the bat.

She is also currently training and playing for the full Middlesex ladies team and is looking to become a professional player in the future following the footsteps of a recent alumnus Adam Rossington, who is currently playing for the Middlesex men’s team.

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