Combined Cadet Force

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is designed to encourage qualities of leadership and teamwork through a disciplined and structured programme using uniform, drill and team activities.

All 4th formers take part in the CCF, getting to know one another and learning to work as a team. During the Remove Year, the cadets can opt to join the Army, Navy or RAF sections or a parallel sports leadership programme, and by the time the cadets reach the 5th Form, CCF participation is voluntary. A group of 5th Form cadets who show particularly strong leadership skills are selected for Cadre training. A further selection is made from Cadre to decide who will become section commanders for the new intake of 4th Formers.

Regular camps at Easter and Summer are highlights of CCF activity for many cadets, offering an opportunity to have fun whilst practising the field craft and skills that they have learnt. The activities involved in these camps vary within the different sections. Sailing and climbing feature heavily in the Navy section, whilst RAF cadets have the opportunity to take flying and gliding courses. The Army cadets receive basic infantry training including field crafts and ‘skill at arms’. Shooting is an activity available to all cadets.

The Army section of the Mill Hill CCF is affiliated to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers based at the Tower of London, allowing us to host an annual dinner at the Tower which is a fantastic venue for invited senior cadets and parents.

This year the Army Section has completed four training camps and have had three Sergeants accepted on the HQLF Cadet Leadership Course. The Corps of Drums has been outstanding, attracting commendation from the Deputy Lieutenant of Barnet, Martin Russell.

Cadets attained RYA Level 1 and parts of Level 2 in both sailing and power boating at the Welsh Harp. Other activities included kayaking, weapons handling, climbing and abseiling along with the emphasis on perfecting navy drill.

The RAF Section has made Airmanship Training the priority in order to prepare as many pupils as possible to fly this year. Plans including Parachuting and Gliding and the possibility of an Easter camp in Cyprus.