The Nicaragua Project

Mill Hill works in partnership with Los Pipitos, a charity organisation which provides assistance to parents with children of varying disabilities. Sadly many of the disabilities that we see in Nicaragua arise from poor neo and post natal care. Nicaragua is the second poorest country after Haiti in the Americas and the public hospitals are often ill equipped and understaffed.

Our project is based in a Los Pipitos centre in Jinotepe, approximately an hour’s drive from Managua. The partnership started in 2002 and up to 50 children participate.

The children attend from 2 to 5pm but our work starts in the morning, planning activities, buying and preparing materials. Before the activities start each afternoon, we give the children sandwiches and a drink. Some will have travelled long distances or straight from school to attend. The afternoon activities include arts and crafts and playing simple games that all of the children can enjoy, whatever their level of disability. The more mobile participants love to play football and baseball. This year we also held a ‘mini-paralympics’.

We take some equipment out to Nicaragua with us, and provide the materials to decorate the walls of the centre, both inside the classrooms and outside.