Sports Leaders

‘Sports Leaders’ is a leadership programme that has been running at Mill Hill for several years now and provides Remove pupils with the opportunity to learn how to plan, organise and run sporting events for others, including children within the Foundation as well as local primary schools. With excitement building for the 2012 Olympic Games, the Sports Leaders groups are currently incorporating Olympic themes and values into the events they deliver and this has enabled the School to join the London 2012 ‘Get Set’ initiative.

The Autumn Term programme of activities equips the group with the skills they need to be an effective young leader. This is done in a practical way with pupils gradually taking on key roles in running events and competitions. Having learnt new skills, and designed their own customised T-shirts, the group embarks upon organising their first major even, spending several weeks on bringing their initial idea from conception to fruition.

The Sports Leaders are currently planning a real treat for the Belmont Year Five children, who will be talking part in a ‘Mini-Olympics’ in January 2012, consisting of an Olympic themed orienteering challenge, indoor athletics field events and finishing off with an indoor athletics relay event. With this event completed the group will focus on organising a multi-sport festival at the end of the Spring term for the children at our pre-prep. Events will include dance, running, parachute and ball games as well as an obstacle course and the event will give the Sports Leaders a real insight into the challenges of meeting the needs of younger children.

In the Summer Term, pupils traditionally assist with the Grimsdell Swimming Gala and Sports Day as well as organising a multi-sport event for local primary schoolchildren. This year the focus will be on disability sport and the group will be working with the Panathlon Challenge organisation to run the event.

Over the years, every Sports Leader deserves credit for his/her contribution to what is a hugely successful programme and hope that they will take what they have learned with them for the future.

Sports Leaders
The Sports Leaders’ programme for 2011/12 significantly raised the bar for the pupils who opted into this activity as they were challenged with leading a disability sports event organized by charity ‘Panathlon Challenge’. The Sports Leaders received training that taught them how to deliver and officiate several disability sports, including Boccia, Table Cricket and Poly Bat.