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Mill Hill Houses

The 10 Houses are named after important people, events and locations in the School’s history.

Atkinson House
Named after the first Headmaster, the Reverend J Atkinson.
Burton Bank
Named to commemorate its original position on the site of what is now the National Medical Research Centre on Burton Hole Lane.
McClure House
Named after Sir John McClure, Headmaster at the turn of the 20th century.
Priestley House
Named after Headmaster Thomas Priestley.
Weymouth House
Named after Headmaster Dr R Weymouth.
Cedars House
Named in honour of the cedars planted by Peter Collinson.
Collinson House
Named after Peter Collinson who once owned what is now the Mill Hill School estate. Collinson House also includes St Bee’s which was named to commemorate the wartime evacuation to St Bee’s School in Cumbria.
Ridgeway House
This was the name of Peter Collinson’s original house on the site, which was the first home of the School.
School House
Simply named after William Tite’s famous building constructed in the 1820s.
Murray House
Named in honour of Mill Hill teacher and originator of the Oxford English Dictionary, Sir James Murray.