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Alison Bignell

Alison Bignell, McClure’s Housemistress

Miss Alison Bignell joined Mill Hill in 2009 as the Head of Biology and quickly progressed to be Head of Science as well. During those years she saw in many changes including leading on the refurbishment of the Science department. She was previously Head of Biology at Dame Alice Owen’s School, working there for six years with a 2 year hiatus whilst working in Fayetteville North Carolina in a middle school. She was appointed at Housemistress of McClure in 2015; having been a tutor to most year groups in two very different Houses she brings much experience to McClure House.

Alison has been a keen participant in the extracurricular life of the school, including participating in and running one of the Overseas’ partnership projects to Nicaragua. Whilst doing this she has helped with the fundraising which has included showcasing her talents in a fundraising play and taking part in ‘Strictly comes to Mill Hill’.