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Stephen Plummer

Stephen Plummer, Priestley’s Housemaster

Stephen was educated at Norwich School before going on to Bristol University to study Classics and later a PGCE. He was an assistant master at Repton School before joining Mill Hill in 1987 where he was appointed Head of Classics, which position he held until becoming Housemaster of Priestley in January 2005. A keen hockey player and coach, he played county and divisional hockey and was Master in Charge at Mill Hill from 1987-2000. He was also a keen club cricketer and coach, serving for 5 years as Master in Charge at Mill Hill. Stephen was also an active Eton Fives player and coach who has been Master in Charge at Mill Hill since 1991; he is a former Director of the Eton Fives Association and is also involved with the Old Millhillian Fives Club. He is married with one son at Mill Hill.