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Rugby Tour 2012 – South America

A group of twenty-six Mill Hill boys went on a 17 day, five-match rugby tour of South America during the summer holidays. Arrival in Chile was followed almost immediately with a match against Mackay School. Situated on the Coast of Chile, it is considered to be one of the best academic institutions in the fifth region. And they weren´t that bad at rugby either!

The boys then set off on their journey from Vina del Mar and headed towards Craighouse School, back in Santiago for the second match of the tour. After the game the boys met their new billets which ranged from a mansion owned by the Head of the Chilean ‘Armada’ (Navy) to new boy Harry James ‘not having any contact with human life’ for approximately 12 hours, which was probably largely down to his own doing as he spent most of the time in bed!

The text stop on the tour was a quick flight to Argentina and then an hour drive outside of Mendoza where our new hosts from Los Tordos Rugby Club were waiting to meet the team. There the boys got to experience abseiling, rock climbing and a local vineyard, as well as a constructive training session before our match the following day.

Over the course of the trip the boys had the opportunity to visit many inspirational sites across Chile and Argentina, from Villa Grimaldi which was a house used by Pinochet during the 70s to carry out torture to supposed leftists, to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Iguassu Falls.

The boys were impeccably behaved throughout, and were a credit to the School, a special mention has to go to our Upper Sixth leavers, Tom Dunn, Jake Gore, Mitchell Leigh and Joe Wray.

A huge thanks to both players and coaches alike for making the tour such a great success – it has been an incredible journey!