Fives is one of the oldest recorded organised games at Mill Hill and dates back to the 1870s. The School now plays its Eton Fives in three magnificent courts with a full programme of coaching and fixtures. The game, which is always played in pairs, demands excellent hand-eye co-ordination, quick reactions and athleticism. It is of considerable benefit to other sports such as hockey and cricket. The game is introduced to pupils while at Belmont, our prep school, and then to all boys and girls in the Fourth Form.

Weekly practices, coaching sessions and subsequent fixtures and tournaments against other schools are arranged for all age groups from 13 to 18. The Fives season lasts from September to March with about twenty matches and tournaments played. Regular fixtures are held with Eton, Harrow, Aldenham, Berkhamsted, Q.E.B., Highgate and St.Olaves, and Mill Hill enters the annual national championships. The School has close links with the Old Millhilllian Eton Fives Club which plays in the National League.

In 2013, Priestley Housemaster, Steve Plummer, was voted ‘Coach of the Year’ by the Eton Fives community and the Old Millhillians were voted ‘Team of the Year’.