At Mill Hill School football is offered as a minor sport option to those who choose this option for senior Games. During the Spring term the School’s major sport for boys is hockey and they have first call on the playing talent available. Boys not selected for the major sport have the opportunity to train and compete as a team member in one of three squads.

Our fixture schedule consists of away games that take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We usually play against a range of independent schools that include Harrow, Highgate, Haberdashers, Bancroft’s and Merchant Taylor’s. As a school with a limited history of football, we often enjoy playing against lower level teams from more established football schools. Despite this, we expect a very high level of commitment and discipline from our players. Training sessions focus on improving skills, tactical awareness and developing a sense of team spirit.

A number of the players who join a football squad have little or no experience of representing the school in the major sports of rugby, hockey or cricket. All three squads are a blend of fifth form, lower sixth and upper sixth boys.