Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the School day?

School starts with Registration at 8.20am (Monday to Friday).

Lessons begin at 8.55am. They end at 4.25pm on Monday to Wednesday, at 3.35pm on Thursday and Friday. There is a Saturday morning programme, which is compulsory for Full Boarders but is also a popular option for Weekly Boarders and Day pupils. Registration for Full Boarders is from 9am on Saturdays in the main School office (Weekly boarders and Day pupils must also sign in at the main School office before their session begins). The first session begins at 9.30am and the morning programme ends at 12.30pm.

After each day’s timetabled lesson the School runs an extensive Games and Activities programme. This programme runs up to around 5.45pm on Monday to Friday. Sports fixtures also take place on Saturdays. Each pupil’s involvement in the Games and Activities programme varies, so the time at which pupils are free to leave school can vary. However, the pattern of leaving times will generally stay the same each week.

How does the House system work?
Each pupil belongs to one of the ten Houses. The Houses provide work, recreational and changing facilities. The exact facilities depend on whether the pupil is a Boarder or Day pupil. The Houses also provide a tutor system and the chance for the Housemaster/mistress to really get to know the pupil well and to become a strong mentor and guide, and source of help during the time the pupil is with them.
How does Mill Hill deal with bullying?
Mill Hill takes bullying very seriously. The rules for pupils state clearly: “Bullying will not be tolerated at this school and will not be excused on grounds of it being part of a game.” The pupils themselves share our desire to make Mill Hill a positive and enjoyable place to be. Members of the School are elected to the Anti-Bullying and Mentor Council, which meets regularly with a Deputy Head and the Chaplain. Pictures of the Committee are prominently displayed and every pupil knows they can turn to a member of the ABMC, as well as any adult, if they feel unhappy.
What is the sanction and reward system at the School?
The principles behind Mill Hill’s disciplinary structure are simple: respect for oneself; respect for others; respect for property, and the environment and ethos of the School. The rules that guide these principles are laid down in “Expectations and Standards”, which is given to every pupil on their entry to the School. We expect parents and pupils to read it and accept its philosophy. The sanctions we impose for breaches of the protocol are also laid down within the document. Essentially these consist of internal punishments reflecting the nature of the offence (e.g. Academic Detention or Punctuality Detention), through to more major sanctions (School or Head’s Detention). For the most major breaches of discipline, suspension or expulsion might be necessary. The vast majority of Millhillians are, however, proud of their school and of themselves, and they seek to positively support the ethos of the School.
What extra-curricular activities are offered?
Any list of extra-curricular activities will not fully capture what goes on at a school like Mill Hill, since many of our pupils do things of their own initiative as well as in an organised activity. A flavour of the breadth of choice may be gained from the following, however:
  • Art
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Board Games
  • CCF – Army, Navy and the RAF
  • Chess
  • Choirs (various)
  • Community Action
  • Computing
  • Creative Writing
  • Cricket nets
  • Cross Country
  • Dance
  • Debating and Public Speaking
  • Design Technology
  • Drama
  • Enterprise Education Group
  • Eton Fives
  • Fitness training
  • Football
  • Foreign Film Club
  • Flying
  • Golf
  • Gym Fitness
  • History Society
  • Hockey
  • Horse Riding*
  • Ice Skating*
  • Indoor football
  • Information Technology
  • Jazz Band
  • Martial Arts
  • Martlett Award for Fourth Form pupils
  • Modern Languages Society
  • Music Activities (various)
  • Netball
  • Opera Society
  • Project Mill Hill (Pupil-led environmental projects)
  • Rugby
  • Sailing
  • School Magazine
  • Shooting
  • Sports Leaders
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Taekwondo*
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Weights
  • Yoga, Strength and Flexibility
* Additional cost