The House System

A unique feature of life for day pupils at Mill Hill is their membership of a House. There are seven Day Houses in the School – each House has an average of 20 pupils in a year group. The Housemaster/mistress is the point of contact and a figure of prime importance for both pupil and parent. They act as an extra adviser and advocate for the pupil, and as a conduit for information to parents. The Housemaster/mistress has a team of tutors, each of whom is responsible for the academic and pastoral welfare of a small group of children. The tutor meets each child daily, giving plenty of opportunity for any issues of concern to be raised.

Around 25% of Mill Hill’s pupils are boarders. They are looked after in three boarding houses by highly qualified and experienced teams of teachers and support staff.

Houses are more than names. Each House has a distinct building, which serves as a focal point for the pupils’ day. There are study areas, locker and changing facilities and social or recreational areas in each House. As well as giving pupils a secure environment in which to work, the House system gives numerous opportunities for enhancing team building and leadership skills through a wide variety of inter-house competitions and events, both sporting and cultural.

The House system aims to provide pupils with an extended family within the School. One ex-pupil, speaking for his time as a boarder, said that living in a boarding House was like having 38 brothers and sisters.