Medical Centre

The Medical Centre is situated in Wills Grove and is staffed by a team of experienced Registered Nurses who deliver a professional and caring health service for all pupils. The Medical Centre is open six days a week, and the nurses are complemented by a resident Nurse Matron in Collinson House. An out-of-hours telephone triage service is also provided. The nurses work closely with Housemasters/Mistresses and Matrons to ensure that a pupil’s physical, mental and emotional needs are identified and met. The School Counsellor is based in the Medical Centre.

Day pupils are offered first aid treatment plus immediate care and advice for illness, together with guidance on the management of existing conditions, whilst boarders are supported by a wider range of services, including referral to specialist medical practitioners where necessary. Two local GPs, one male and one female, hold three surgeries in school each week.

Emphasis is placed on health education and health promotion, and pupils are encouraged to learn to identify and take responsibility for their own health care needs. The work of the nurses is underpinned by robust policies and procedures.

Nurses are always willing to discuss a child’s health and can be contacted on 0208 959 1432 or

The School Counsellor works on Wednesday afternoon and evening at Mill Hill School. She works for the rest of the week as a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist in the NHS. Both she and the School Counsellor at Belmont trained at the Tavistock Clinic and maintain strong links with both their Child and Family Department and their Adolescent Department. They are also involved in some of the post graduate training there. Both School Counsellors meet regularly to discuss work as well as organising some teaching presentations for parents and school staff about child and adolescent development.

The Counsellor has regular individual meetings with the Deputy Head (Pastoral) and Director of Boarding. She offers this provision to Housemasters/mistresses for consultations about any pupil or issues which may be causing them concern. She also runs a group which meets four times termly for Housemasters/mistresses, again to discuss from a psychodynamic perspective any young person who is causing concern. The consultations are conducted with the strictest confidentiality.

All new boarders meet the counsellor as part of the Induction Programme; all pupils are made aware of her role. Because she has trained as an Adult psychotherapist, she is available to see both pupils and staff.

Pupils can refer themselves to her in confidence via the Medical Centre post box, or through their HMM or the school nurses. Occasionally they may be guided by staff to seek help from the Counsellor. Information relating to this is placed in the boarding pupil/parent handbook as well as being on display on the House notice boards.