Project Mill Hill

Project Mill Hill is a new addition to the Remove Leadership Programme on Friday afternoons. Building on previous successful Eco projects, pupils engage in a broad range of activities aimed at improving our own School grounds and the local environment. In addition, their work has contributed to the School retaining the Eco Schools’ ‘Green Flag Award’ in June 2013, for a further two years.

Joshua Hill (Atkinson) explains more and captures just what the initiative means to those pupils who have been involved with Project Mill Hill.

“It’s Friday. The final push. The bags are packed and I roll out of bed with only half an eye open. 20 minutes later I’m out of the door on my way to school. Friday has got to be the hardest day, so close yet so far. Hours of hard work go by. The final bell goes – music to my ears.
“The old comfortable clothes come on and I walk through the quad and past the main school building. The majestic trees and serene surroundings begin to envelop me as I walk towards the garden. Entering through the gate I inhale the clean air of Project Mill Hill’s garden. Finally – a place where I can reflect and relax with my friends, as well as learn.
“Gardening is a responsibility; when you plant, the seed will not grow on its own, you need to have it in direct sunlight, watered daily and planted correctly. But if all this is done the benefits are evident. Gardening is extremely rewarding, it gives a sense of escapism, the complete antithesis to my hectic every-day life. For an hour I have the opportunity to plant, dig and water.
“This year we have not only gone to the garden, though, we have built bird boxes, cleared rubbish from the school site and around it, built the ‘bug hotel’ and contributed to the School retaining its Green Flag award – the flag which we proudly fly at the front of our school.
“To me Project Mill Hill has been a place where I have made new friends, learnt new things and helped make a difference.”