School House

‘The House has a strong ethos of consideration and support for each other in all areas of life around the school. Life skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork are at the forefront of everything we do in School House.’

School House is located at the east end of the main School building. It was originally boarding accommodation and was divided into Weymouth and Scrutton Houses. The House became a day house in the 1980s and continued to accommodate boarders until the mid 1990s, when Mr Woodrow was Housemaster. The House has 80 pupils and there are excellent facilities for both boys and girls which have recently been upgraded following an extremely generous donation in 2009.

The House has a strong tradition of academic excellence and all round contributions to the life of the school. It has a positive and friendly atmosphere where pupils are encouraged to push themselves to reach their full potential both in the classroom and also in the wide variety of extra-curricular activities offered by the School. Above all we aim to provide an environment in which pupils can achieve and be happy whilst at school.