Staff & Governors

There are over 70 members of academic staff looking after the 700 pupils at Mill Hill School. Staff are all well qualified and have extensive experience. In addition to their academic teaching, most staff are involved in a wide variety of extra and co-curricular activities – examples of these include the Combined Cadet Force, music and drama productions, clubs and societies and overseas visits and tours.

The Court of Governors meets regularly and advises the Chief Executive on matters of governance. The Governors are able to sit on a number of subcommittees including those advising on Finance, Academic and Pastoral issues.

The School also has an able and committed team of administrative and support staff.

Court of Governors


  • Dr RG Chapman, BSc, MB, BS, FRCGP


  • Mr AL Brooke, BA, MBA, Deputy
  • Professor EWFW Alton, MA, MB, BS, MD, FRCP, FHEA, FERS, FMedSci
  • Dr AP Craig, MBBS DRCOG
  • Mr DJ Dickinson, DipQS, MRICS
  • Mr RA Elliott Lockhart, MA, MPhil
  • Mrs SE Freestone MEd, GRSM, LRAM, ARCM
  • Mr D Harris, BSc, FCA
  • Mr J Hornshaw BEd(Hons), MEd, NPQH
  • Mr E Lipton, BSc, MBA, FRSA, FRICS
  • Mrs SJ Miller, BA
  • Ms SK Mortimer BA(Hons)
  • Mrs M Patel
  • Mrs S Stoneham LLB(Hons), LPC
  • Mr AW Welch, MA
  • Mrs PH Wilkes, BEd, FRSA

Senior Management Team


  • Mrs FMR King, MA(Oxon), MA(Lond), MBA

Principal Deputy Head

  • Mrs J Sanchez BSc (also PSHRE)

Deputy Head (Academic)

  • ATW Frazer MA (also Modern Languages)

Deputy Head (External Relations)

  • AJ Binns BA (also English)

Director Of Boarding

  • Miss LJ Farrant BA (also English/EAL)

Assistant Head (Academic)

  • Mr S Baldock, MA, FRSB (also Biology)

Assistant Head (Pastoral)

  • K Seecharan BA (also Politics)

Director of Academic Administration

  • Mr JM Lewis MA (also English)

Director of Sixth Form

  • Mr JA Barron, BSc, MA

Director of Sport

  • Mr TJ Vercoe BSc, MA (also Physical Education)

Director of Finance and Operations and Company Secretary

  • Mrs R Starling, BA, FCIPD

Assistant Teachers

Art & Design

  • Mr AD Ross, MA+
  • Mr NG Cheeseman, BA
  • Miss LHE Randell, BA

Business Education

  • Mr MS Smith, BA+
  • Mr PH Edwards, BA
  • Mrs VG Miner, MSc
  • Mrs P Stoughton-Harris, BA


  • Miss NF Anders MA+


  • Mr AR Homer BA, MA+
  • Mr ST Plummer BA*

Design Technology

  • Ms BD Banks BEd+
  • Mr MC McKay BA


  • Mr DS Proudlock BA+
  • Mrs A Murphy BA
  • Mrs N Stimler BA
  • Mrs P Wright DipACT


  • Mr RW Searby, BA+
  • Mr DT Bingham, BA*
  • Mrs SR Hope, BA
  • Mrs S Isaacs, BEd
  • Mrs E Kaplan, BA
  • Miss S Martinez, BA, MEd
  • Mrs JSL Young, BA


  • Ms KE Ferson, MA+
  • Mrs SC Stagg, LLB


  • Ms SJ Bull, BSc+*
  • Mr NR Hodgson, MA
  • Mr DR Woodrow, BA (Activities Co-ordinator)

Higher Education

  • Miss LH Sharples, BA+

History and Politics

  • Mr M Dickinson, MA+
  • Mr DW Hine, MA+
  • Mrs CE Adams, BA
  • Ms RE Bradley, MA
  • Mr A Granath, BA
  • Mr KG Pearson, BA

Information Technology and Computer Science

  • Mr LAC Minett BSc, MA+
  • Ms P Newsome BSc

Learning Support

  • Miss LN Silverman, BA, Dip SpLD+
  • Mrs A Fryatt, BEd, MA
  • Mrs JR Herbert, BA
  • Miss BA Szaszkowska, MA


  • Ms E Grainger
  • Mrs T Jeganathan


  • Mr KP Bulman, BSc+
  • Ms W Ashraf, MEng, MBA
  • Mr MJ Carruthers, BEng
  • Mr PJ Kwok, BEng
  • Mr GW Roberts, BA
  • Mrs LR Sandu, BSc
  • Mr AH Slade, BA
  • Miss E Stewart, BA
  • Mr T Trhlik, MSc

Modern Languages

  • Mr MS Bardou, BA+
  • Mrs BK Hazeldine, MA+
  • Miss VS David, Maîtrise d’Anglais
  • Miss AC Ellerington, MA
  • Mr PR Lawson, MA*
  • Mr A Mansilla, BA
  • Miss M Soriano Flórez, MA


  • Mr A Chakravarty, MA, ARCM (Director of Academic Music)+
  • Mr K Kyle, BMus Hons, LRAM, PGDip Ram (Director of Musical Performance)+
  • Dr RJ Peat, BMus, MA, PhD*
  • Dr S-W Tseng, DMA, BMus Hons

Additional Visiting Music Teachers

  • Mr J Bradford, BA, BMus, LGSM, LLCM, ALCM, PGCE, AdvDip, Cert Berklee, Guitars
  • Mr A Cucchiara, GRNCM, Violin
  • Mrs C Emanuel, Dip.Perf.RCM, Dip.RCM, Violin
  • Mr J Fleeman, GCLCM, AdvCert GSMD, Percussion
  • Dr O Gledhill, MA(Mttp), PGCA, ARCM, PhD Violincello
  • Miss R Havel, BMus, MPert, Voice
  • Miss C Hopper, BMus, LRAM, DipRam, Voice
  • Mr P Jaekel, GRSM, LRAM, ARCO, Pianoforte
  • Mrs H Kearns, BA LTCL, Pianoforte
  • Mrs H Kyle, BMus, LRAM, Voice
  • Mr A Martin, AGSM, Percussion
  • Mr A McAfee, BA, PGCert, TCM, Flute/Piccolo
  • Mrs ML Payne, BMus TCM, LTCL, Saxophone/Clarinet
  • Dr A Poole, BSc, MA, PhD, Double Bass/Guitar
  • Mrs A Starr, BMus, MMus, RCM, TCM, Pianoforte
  • Miss J Tate, B Mus, Grad RNCM, Dip MTP, Voice

Physical Education

  • Mr DL Townson, MSc+
  • Mr DM Halford, PGA
  • Mr S Hendy, BSc*
  • Miss RL Jakeman, MEd*
  • Mr AM Liffchak, BSc (Assistant Director of Sport)
  • Mr AT Morton, BSc, MEd*


  • Mr M Heseltine, Head of Football
  • A Rennie, Fives

Additional Visiting Games Coaches

  • Ms J Campbell, Netball
  • C Coleman, Tennis
  • A Rise, Rugby
  • N Symonds, Tae Kwon Do


  • Miss RL Jakeman, MEd+*

Religious Education

  • Rev Dr RJ Warden BA, MTh, DMin (Chaplain)+
  • Miss NF Anders MA
  • Miss LE Miller BA, MEd


  • Mr LJ Stubbles, MSci+
  • Dr KR Damberg, BSc, MD+
  • Mr GN Saint, BSc+
  • Miss AM Bignell, BSc, MA*
  • Mr B Elliott, BSc, MEd
  • Miss LE Fox, BSc
  • Mr ME Jennings, BSc
  • Miss HVP Kimber, BSc
  • Mr JM Murphy, BSc
  • Dr S Radojevic, BSc, PhD
  • Mr R Savva, BSc
  • Mr GC Stead, BA
  • Mr GM Turner, BSc*
  • Mr JGW Watson, BSc
  • Mr CMG Watterson, BEng, MSci
  • + Head of Department
  • * Housemaster/Housemistress

Administrative & Support Staff

Head’s Office

  • Mrs SC Ginter

School Office

  • Mrs SA Bain
  • Ms M Barrett
  • Ms J Pindoria


  • Mrs S Lemmon

Academic Office

  • Mrs S-J Konn

External Relations

  • Ms K Freese
  • Ms A Hedger
  • Mrs S Ward
  • Mrs K Willetts

Combined Cadet Force

  • Major A Norrington, Commanding Officer

Cover Supervisors

  • Mr A Albrecht
  • Mrs CL Carlton
  • Dr CA Chrispin
  • Mrs B Dhayatker
  • Mr A Leonida
  • Mr M Orme

House Parent

  • Mrs IBM Thapaliya (St Bees House)

Medical Centre

  • Miss A Whatford, Nurse Manager
  • Mrs J Simpson

Health Care Assistant

  • Miss R Kelly

Day Matrons

  • Mrs J Martiskova (Burton Bank House)
  • Mrs J Manasieva (Collinson House)
  • Ms E Carter (Ridgeway House)
  • Miss P Clark (St Bees)

Boarding Graduate Assistants

  • Mr J Gifford (Burton Bank House)
  • Miss E Cooper (Collinson House)
  • Miss L Thompson-Wright (Collinson House)
  • Miss V Jacklin (St Bees)

Day Graduate Assistant

  • Miss O Bernstone
  • Mr B Kerr
  • Miss G Kleimberg
  • Miss E Mcdougall

Music School

  • Mrs DJ Mills

Piper Library

  • Mrs E Grainger, Librarian
  • Mrs T Jeganathan, Library Assistant

Foundation Director of Information Technology

  • Mr AP Wright

Foundation Appeal Office

  • Mr NJ Priestnall, Director
  • Mr SW Bellringer
  • Mrs M Duskwick