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Ridgeway Wins House Drama Festival

The Nativity Play

The keenly contested House Drama Festival took place over three days in November, with months of hard work, commitment and determination resulting in ten very different plays. Mr Proudlock had set the theme as “opposites” and further challenged us to produce self-written plays.

By Wednesday evening, the entrants were whittled down to a shortlist of four: Atkinson, Burton Bank, Collinson and Ridgeway waited nervously. The judge stood to deliver his verdict. Much advice was given: Atkinson was told to improve their working class accent, Burton Bank was questioned on its success without Oliver Bass and Collinson was criticised for the similarity between its script and Fight Club. However, very little was said about Ridgeway; his final comments being that it was like choosing between a spaceship and an orange. “The winners of the House Drama Festival 2007 are Ridgeway!” An immense roar followed from the back of the large; ‘The Nativity Play’ had won… Director and writer, Theodore Hughes Ford, jumped on stage to collect the prize and the cast ran back to house to celebrate, leaving the disappointed runners-up to lick their wounds…

There were many exceptional performances during the Festival – and special mentions must be given to: Murray’s Omid Saliman; McClure performers Natalie Kosky, Amy Green, Olivia Bernstone, Jake Davis and the play’s directors Ben Corrigan and Nick Saffrin; Ollie Bass and writer/director Siddarth Kohli from Burton Bank; Ralph Warman and Rose Miller from Atkinson; Priestley’s Oliver Bobroff, Hannah Douglas and Katie Newton; School House directors Guy Shaul and William Wright; Gaby Kountourides and Hannah Lloyd-Davies of Weymouth; Collinson’s Chening Duker and Luke Connolly, and eventual winners Ridgeway where memorable performances included those from James Alcumbre, Stefan Novakovic and Jun Hwang.

Elena Christodolou

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