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Millhillian Wins Place at RADA

Thomas (TJ) Brett

Thomas (known as TJ) Brett, who has won a sought-after place at RADA, came to Mill Hill Sixth Form on a Theatre Studies scholarship. He has been accepted for the new RADA Foundation course that starts in September. Only thirty places were available and Mill Hill pupils were offered two of them, though one has decided to go elsewhere. TJ is determined to become an actor and has acted in three productions at the school: ‘Burning Tensions’, ‘Do We Ever See Grace’ and ‘Tomorrow‘ (based on ‘Waiting For Godot’). He is one of several students that have gone on to study drama and related fields in recent years. Daniel Sharman has just left LAMDA and gone straight into making a feature film; Harry Melling has completed his first year at LAMDA and is loving it; Ashley Kumar has just left Mountview Theatre School after giving a great performance as Stanislav in ‘The Seagull’ and being offered the services of no less than seven London theatrical agents. Marc Montague is studying Film at Sussex University and Adam Beckman is enjoying his Acting degree training in Bournemouth. These are all very talented students who have learnt that drama is a very strong discipline. TJ has worked hard on market stalls and elsewhere at weekends and has demonstrated total commitment to rehearsals at the same time. The drama department is very proud of him.