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Update from James Ellen

James on Scafell

Well I have walked 805 miles, successfully reached the summit all of the 3 peaks in snow, wind, rain and glorious sunshine, walked up and down countless undulations and met many generous people, all willing to do that little bit extra to help me out. As I write this sitting in Chepstow, poised to cross the River Severn and on to the final leg of the trip, it has hit me that it will all soon be over.

James in his tent

Apologies for so few updates but it is amazing how time just seems to slip away in the evenings and combined with fatigue it leaves little time to do anything else but get myself sorted out for the next day.

The halfway marker

Having crossed out of Scotland, wearing shorts (the only time so far that I have worn them whilst on the trip), I moved into the Lakes and had some of the best days so far culminating in reaching the summit of Scafell Pike (on the12th May) with my brother, uncle and his dog Digger. I walked the Cumbria Way and rested in Windermere before moving round through Cheshire and into North Wales. My friend, Ross, met up with me and we climbed Snowdon (on the 24th May) in good weather but it was very windy on the summit. We then moved down through Wales joining up with The Offas Dyke Path, which proved to give some fantastic walking, and views.

James on Snowdon

I am excited to tackle the final few weeks with my body getting stronger all the time and with renewed vigour and determination to reach the finish at Land’s End on Saturday, 21st June. I hope to see some of you there!

5th June, 2008