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Pupils Collect Books for India

Mill Hill and Belmont pupils recently helped to collect a huge number of reading books suitable for all ages, along with textbooks (some never used) which syllabus changes had rendered redundant, for our partnership school in India. Altogether we sent the incredible amount of 1,500 kg of books to the Sri Jayendra School in Tamil Nadu.

Indian pupils find our textbooks much more accessible then their own rather old fashioned and dry books. The teachers at Sri Jayendra will give out a set of books to use as they cover a particular topic and then collect them in later so another set can use them.

The addition to their library of this massive number of children’s books will make a huge difference to them. The children are avid readers (as they have no television!) and these books will be very well used. Of course anything that encourages reading helps their English: they learn vocabulary, grammar, idiom and spelling without even realising it.

Our thanks go to SBS Worldwide Ltd who kindly shipped the books free of charge.