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Year 1 Trip to Gunnersbury Park

Girl scrubbing the floor

On the 5th March 2009 all of Year 1 visited Gunnersbury Park. The day consisted of two workshops relating to our history topics covered so far this year.

One workshop took place in a Victorian kitchen. All the children dressed up. We ground sugar in a pestle and mortar, washed the dishes and cleaned carpets with a carpet beater. We did the laundry with a washing dolly, a washboard and an old fashioned iron. The children were captivated and every child was involved in one of the activities. Julia the scullery maid was very strict and kept the children in order, as it would have been back then.

Girls in Victorian costume

The other workshop took us back in time to meet Florence Nightingale. She told us the story of her life, the struggles she had to become a nurse and explained what it was like during the Crimean War. Once again all the children were involved, dressing up as her family, wounded soldiers, Scutari Nurses or even a photographer. It gave to children a real insight in to what it would have been like to live long ago and understand the story of Florence Nightingale and why it so important and what an impact her life made on hospitals today.