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Perfect Game!

As we settled into a new term at Ridgeway House, our annual bowling trip to Hollywood Bowl in Finchley was eagerly anticipated. The mild weather lent a pleasant backdrop to the two fun-filled, and in some cases, fiercely competitive games; everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves with James Alculumbre and Yasin Mohamad bowling sensationally and scoring well over a hundred each. The bowling was a great chance for everyone in Ridgeway to socialise and for the old pupils of Ridgeway to warmly welcome the new.

Upon return to Ridgeway House, we had a delicious American themed feast of burgers, hot dogs, pizzas and nachos; but the highlight was the gigantic chocolate fountain, with strawberries and marshmallows, plus the ubiquitous Krispy Kremes. Many thanks to Miss Farrant, Joe and Matron for a fantastic evening!

Rory Harris (Ridgeway)