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‘High School Musical’, ‘Hairspray’ and Pom Poms!

Dancing with pom poms

Grimsdell Nursery and Reception had their annual opportunity to take part in a ‘Musical Theatre Workshop’. This year’s theme was ‘High School Musical’ and ‘Hairspray’ which involved a programme of singing, dancing and acting. After a warm-up, which involved both voice and bodywork, each group followed the teacher into an extremely stirring performance which included music from both musicals. Years 1 and 2 then took part in a ‘Cheer Dance Workshop’. The warm-up for this would have challenged even the fittest of adults and culminated in a cheer-leader session which involved amongst its very intricate choreography, jumping, high kicks and a Mexican wave! Both of these events were a feast of colour, energy and confidence building exercises.

Dancing children