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The Big Debate

On Thursday 29th April The Large was packed with an audience from Belmont and Mill Hill to hear Sixth Formers representing the 3 main political parties present their manifestos.

Having drawn from a hat to determine the order of the presentations, each party had 7 minutes to talk about key areas of policy. Education, Health, Immigration and Defence featured heavily in all three presentations.

Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour

Before starting proceedings, there was a show of hands to determine the voting intentions or party preference of the audience. The result of this vote can be seen here – a victory for the Conservatives, with Liberal Democrats close behind and Labour trailing in third place.

There was a second vote after the presentation and question time. As can be seen, there was a marked swing to the Liberal Democrats and a smaller move towards the Labour Party. Nevertheless, the Conservatives were yet again victorious.

If the Mill Hill vote was replicated in the General Election, this is what it would mean to the Country:

This was a stimulating and thought-provoking debate (many felt it was more exciting that the televised debates!). The quality of the presentation and research was exceptional and the questions from the floor were probing and well considered.

Luke Kon, the architect of the Hot Topics concept

The event was chaired with great confidence by Luke Kon, the architect of the Hot Topics concept.

The party representatives were:

Seb Balcombe, Emily Maister and Georgina Wickman
Liberal Democrats:
Jonathan Bertulis-Fernandes, Jack Bedford and Hugh Longley
Alex Warna and Ellie Lawson

The party representatives