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Call to Remembrance

The Call to Remembrance is traditionally celebrated at Mill Hill School’s Memorial Gate at 11am on the 11th November. This year – for the first time in 90 years – the occasion had to be conducted indoors because of torrential rain, and took place in three separate services. The School Chaplain led the service in Chapel, with the Sixth Form and our Guest of Honour Brigadier Richard Dennis. The Brigadier was joined by representatives from ForceSelect (the Armed Forces recruitment organisation), Governors, Senior Staff and representatives from the Old Millhillians Club. The Fifith Form and Removes attended the service in The Large which was led by Peter McDonough, and included a cello solo by pupil Abraham Wallfisch-Jacobs. The third service was in the Patrick Troughton Theatre, for the Fourth Form, led by Joanna Duncan and Holly O’Connell.

CCF RAF Cadet Ryan Yasin, poppy wreaths at the war memorial, Abraham Wallfisch-Jacobs

Following the service in Chapel, the Battle of Britain Historical Society plaque was presented to CCF RAF Cadet Ryan Yasin. The plaque, which was donated by Old Millhillian Arthur Holmes Pickering, was installed next to the Stafford print in the Octagon.

The tradition of opening the Memorial Gate was established in 1920 by Lord Horne, with current pupils filing through in pairs to recognise the School’s war departed.