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Lecture Series

Our next two events are both science-based, but from very different perspectives. On 19th January Peter Prodromou, Chief Aerodynamicist at Red Bull Technology will present a wide-ranging look at the world of Formula One racing. An accomplished authority in the field of aerodynamics, Prodromou worked for McLaren for well over a decade in which he introduced and developed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). This promises to be a fascinating evening, as does our second Francis Crick Lecture on 2nd February when Professor Steven Humphries explains his work which aims to identify genes that contribute to the development of heart disease. The Director of the Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics at UCL, Professor Humphries can give us a unique insight into this pioneering research which could have massive implications for large numbers of people.

All lectures start at 6.30. Click here to book your tickets online, and for more information please call Karen Willetts on 020 8906 7865 or by email.