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Grimsdell Eco Project

Eco Project

Planning for the exciting Grimsdell Eco Project began in late November last year, with about 50 Lower Sixth students coming together to begin organising lessons to teach all the classes from Reception to Year 2.

The Eco project was set up to teach the generation who will be saving the planet, how to do so, one step at a time. Reception and Year 1 were taught about recycling and how to sort litter into categories, learning the three famous Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Year 2 concentrated on electricity; where it came from, how to reduce it (involving more than turning off Sponge-Bob Square Pants when it was over) and the different ways on how to generate it, learning of the environmentally-friendly renewable resources and the hostile non-renewable ones.

Group photo

Prize giving

The activities used to engage the children included word searches, white board activities, poster making, making objects out of reused items and many more. In addition, a writing competition was held amongst Year 1 and 2 for the best article on how to save electricity or water. The winners had their articles published in the Grimsdell newsletter and were awarded some great Eco prizes for their efforts.

To finish off the programme a little prize ceremony was held in March, awarding each class an Eco present for their hard work. Overall, the project was a great success and gave the Grimsdellians an excellent introduction on how to help protect our Planet from further harm.

Charlotte Dickson: Year 12, Weymouth