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Lindsey Fransmann and Sophie Iliffe

Three ex-Belmontians prompted a change in tradition at Mill Hill School this week! L Fransman, I Whitby and S Loizou (Year 9) teamed up with Year 12 and Year 13 pupils to debate the following topic which was proposed by L Fransman ‘Whether or not the white poppies, produced by the Peace Pledge Union as a pacifist alternative to the traditional red poppy, should be allowed to be worn at the school on Remembrance Day in November’. In contrast to the red poppy sold by the British Legion, the white poppy raises money for pacifist education projects, aimed at raising awareness of the social values and habits which make violence and war a more likely outcome.

Alex Warna, Isobel Whitby and Sophie Loizou

In favour of the motion the basic argument put forward was that the wearing of the white poppy increased awareness of war and its causes and therefore it could help reduce the likelihood of war occurring in the future. The main argument against the motion was that the white poppy itself was an insult to those who had lost their lives fighting for their country in the past.

The vote came out in favour of the opposition. The topic was ably debated throughout with both teams presenting their arguments lucidly, with cogency and excellent public speaking skills.