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Year 6 Leadership Day – Learn to Lead

On Thursday Year 6 took the day out of lessons to look at Leadership. Pupils took part in a number of different activities that included team work tasks, camp craft and cooking their own lunch (and washing up)! All the groups made huge amounts of progress in their listening and communication skills.

‘Overall the Leadership day was a brilliant experience for me and the whole year and I hope we get to do something even better next year.’
Kiera W (6JM)

‘I learnt a lot from this day, it has taught me new skills.’
Lucia S (6KH)

‘We were all on cloud nine at the end of the exhilarating day.’
Isabella W (6JM)

‘My best part of the day was when we did an activity called toxic waste and we used teamwork to pull two bottles out of a ring with a few pieces of rope – it was hard but we managed to do it.’
Jacob E (6JI)