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The Bad Ending

J Marcou and L Bodnar

This year’s Y8 play was written by our very own Mrs Russo and was based on an original farce by Goldoni. The play began with a memorial service where Ray Burns (J Marcou) had gone missing – presumed dead. The plot thickened as the Head of the Brighton Mafia (L Bodnar) turned up with the whole Di Carzia family to claim the money he was owed by the deceased. In true farce style and amongst the ensuing commotion of threats and romance, the plot thickened. Would the mobsters get their money? Would the grieving widow be forced to pay the Mafia? Would anyone be able to stomach Janus Oliver s new menu and survive? Or would there just be a bad ending for everyone!

Brilliant acting, stage sets and music combined to make this a most memorable evening for all.