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Overseas Partnerships News

All of our Partnerships groups have departed and are now working in either Tamil Nadu, Nicaragua or Zambia. The pupils are all settled in and glad to be working on their projects, the culmination of months of preparation and fundraising.

We have had a very busy few weeks of fundraising to support our three Overseas Partnerships. Supporting Tamil Nadu, we were delighted to welcome footballing legend Eric Cantona to Mill Hill. He presented prizes to pupils from Cedars House, the winners of the inter-House soccer tournament and then, in the evening, was interviewed on stage in The Large by Peter McDonough. Nearly 300 people bought tickets for the event and they were not disappointed by Cantona who was warm, engaging and hugely entertaining. As part of the fundraising on the evening, Peter Lawson auctioned a Cantona replica shirt for £1,000.

The Zambia Tag Rugby team were supported by another Mill Hill parent, Paul Young. Paul brought his band Los Pacaminos again to The Large for a TexMex Hoedown. The evening was a great success, in no small part to the auctioneering skills of Graeme Turner.

Fundraising activities were rounded off by the annual Fiesta for Nicaragua which was again a great success.

In total, the events raised nearly £20,000.

Update! News from Nicaragua

Today was awe inspiring. These children have absolutely nothing yet I didn’t see one child without the biggest grin on their faces. Happiness is contagious and my cheeks are suffering.

This morning we went around the market buying supplies for the day’s activities. The market was vibrant, every sense was on overload. Bright colours of silk and paint, pungent smells of hanging meat and the fast-flowing Spanish taking over our ears.

Then out came the sun and off came the t shirts. We all went up onto the roof for sunbathing and dancing all excited for the activities that lay ahead. Over lunch we split into two groups, each going to different centres in Nicaragua.

The main section of the day was the visit to the centre where we were inundated with hugs and joy. The activities consisted of cake decoration, ball games and arts and craft. The children’s disabilities ranged from being deaf to being paralysed with a few being mentally handicapped as well. However every single child was super keen to get involved in every activity and I can safely say I have never sweated so much in my life!

Seb Daly, Lower Sixth, McClure

Here’s the link to Seb’s blog.