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TfL Award Day

On the 17th October 2012 Kimberley B and I joined two pupils from Mill Hill and Grimsdell to represent the Mill Hill Foundation in Camden. We received the S.T.A.R. (Sustainable Travel Accredited & Recognised) Outstanding Level Award, that the Eco Committee and the rest of the school had been working so hard to achieve.

The morning started with a warm welcome and we discussed our future plans and how we have contributed to an eco-friendly community with other schools. With the help of other schools we came up with a number of ideas to further improve the school. Similar workshops continued throughout the afternoon until the presentation commenced.

All of the schools in the Foundation received an Outstanding S.T.A.R. award and the Foundation also received a Beacon Award for being a Partnership School. This represents the hard work of the school throughout the year and big congratulations should go out to everyone involved!

William J
Head Boy