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Valedictory Service 2013

The recent Valedictory Service in the School Chapel is our cherished annual ceremony for pupils, parents, staff and governors where we give thanks for all that the Upper Sixth leavers have contributed to our School. The service provides an opportunity to say farewell as pupils leave with our prayers and best wishes. This is marked in most poignant way with every pupil’s name being read out by their Housemaster or Housemistress. The occasion was full of both sadness and excitement, but we recalled the words of TS Eliot that, “to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from”. In keeping with the school’s non-conformist foundation, the service was a creative blend of the ‘traditional’ and the ‘new’, with the pupils helping to design a service unique to them. So as well as singing the great traditional hymns – Jerusalem was a must! We also enjoyed wide-ranging musical and literary contributions from the pupils, including an amusing and emotional selection of memo ries of Mill Hill. The Chaplain finished his address with words written by the Senior Monitors themselves – aspirations and virtues which encapsulate the meaning of the school motto ‘Both Virtue and Learning’ and which we hope are the hallmark of all Millhillians. Indeed, they provide inspiration for us all.

  1. Do not be afraid to make mistakes: The virtue of Courage
  2. Do take every chance to be involved because these opportunities may never come round again: The virtue of Enthusiasm
  3. Do not be afraid to expand your friendships and open up to new people in your life: The virtue of Love
  4. Do work hard, as there is no gain without pain: The virtue of Endurance
  5. Do enjoy every moment, as far as possible: The virtue of Appreciation
  6. Do not be afraid of what other people think of you: The virtue of Self-belief
  7. Do turn a negative into a positive: The virtue of Optimism
  8. Do not let yourself or anyone else fool you into thinking you cannot reach your full potential: The virtue of Truth
  9. Do make necessary changes to enjoy life if you are unhappy: The virtue of Innovation
  10. Do live in such a way that you do not have any regrets – either for the things you do, or have not done: The virtue of Integrity
  11. Do not be defeated if you do not get what you first hoped for: The virtue of Determination
  12. Do nurture your talents: The virtue of Creativity