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Classicists Excel at University

We are delighted to announce that Old Millhillian Classicists are doing extremely well at their respective Universities.Jack Weller and William Magee have both achieved 1st Class honours (BA Classics – Literae Humaniores) at Cambridge. Jack also won the University Prize for Greek as well as gaining a Half-Blue in Eton Fives.

After his BA (Greek Civilisation & History) at University of Leeds, Demetrios Skinitis did his MA (History of Warfare) at Kings College London. He is now Military & Defence Liaison for Defence IQ.

Charlie Ensor: BA (Classical Civilisation) at University of Leeds, is now researching in Tigray Province (Ethiopia) and is about to receive his MSc (Development Administration & Planning) from UCL.

Ruhel Jamal has gained a BA (Classics) at Royal Holloway University of London and an MA (American Studies) at Kings College London.

Jack Herrick will gain BA (Sociology) from University of Leeds next summer; he is presently working in Shanghai.