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Rocks and Soils Workshop

Year 3 children were treated to a fun start to the final week of the Spring term at Belmont with a workshop about Rocks and Soils, which will kick-start their exploration of this interesting topic. Not only did they get the opportunity to make their own type of soils, they also engaged in a number of hands on (and messy!) investigations, expanding their understanding of important investigatory concepts, such as the importance of a “fair test” and making predictions. This included testing the permeability of their home made clay and stony soils, with the children working hard in their groups to make sure instructions were followed accurately. The children also learned about “the rock cycle” and became aware that, even though it seems pretty steady, the ground beneath them is always moving, albeit quite slowly! This workshop, run by Affinity Water, proved to be a very enjoyable day and it is hoped that the children will draw on this practical experience when it comes to examining this topic in greater detail.