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Year 5 Follow in the Footsteps of Mill Hill History

One of the many strengths of the Mill Hill Foundation is how different ages can come together to work and learn from each other. This was beautifully exemplified lately when our Year 5’s joined the Sixth Formers at Mill Hill School to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first Trans-Atlantic radio communication. This communication is of particular significance to us as it took place in Mill Hill between ex pupil Cecil Goyder and a sheep farmer in New Zealand.

To commemorate this moment our Year 5’s were tasked with creating a 15 minute news bulletin reporting on the historic significance of the communication. Our Year 5s did a marvelous job working with iPads to research and create material for their ‘broadcast’, greatly impressing the Sixth Formers who were assisting them.

One of the many highlights of the afternoon was using a working replica of the radio to speak to someone on the East Coast of the USA. The afternoon was a huge success and our Year 5 returned with a huge sense of achievement and pride in their schools collective history.

A huge thank you must go to Paola Sanchez at Mill Hill for organising such a special occasion for our pupils – we know they appreciated it immensely.