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Year 8 Art Trip to the National Gallery

On Saturday 22nd of March a trip to the National Gallery in London was organised by Mr McNulty to say a farewell to all the art students who have taken part in the art scholarship lessons after school. These lessons started midway through Year 7. Mr McNulty and Mrs Ahmed met us at 9am outside Walker house. We took public transport and when we arrived at our destination, met up with Mr Pace.

The first 2 paintings we looked at were early 13th century, one was a diptych, as it had two parts to it, and the other was a triptych, which had three parts to it. While looking at the diptych we got to sketch an angel’s wing. The paintings did not just help our understanding of art skills, it also taught us other things like the colour blue would come from a rock which was very valuable and the process of making paint was very different to the way we do it now.

We looked at artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Paolo Uccello, Duccio, Rogier Van der Weyden, Raffaello (Raphael), Caravaggio and many others. It was a very good opportunity for us to acquire and understand new skills and hopefully help to develop new techniques. Also it helped our knowledge of the artists and their paintings, and how each century differed in the way their paintings were done. We give all our thanks to Mr McNulty for organising the trip, Mrs Ahmed for the support and accompaniment and Mr Pace for his teaching and knowledge.

It was a great day and it will be a truly cherished memory that will stay with us and Belmont.

Lorena (8CM)