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Cross Country

All the 4th Form and Remove ran for their houses in the 2 Junior House Cross Country events on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Good weather, excellent participation levels and all-round great effort for their House meant these were fantastic events with some really close and exciting finishes. No records were broken this year but it was pleasing to see so many Remove runners improving on their times from a year ago.

The key results were as follows:

Fourth Form Girls

  • Sylvia Richards (Priestley)
  • Maia Benham (Cedars)
  • Sona Visavadia (Priestley)

Maia Benham, Sylvia Richards and Sona Visavadia

Fourth Form Boys

  • Mittio Mohammadian (School)
  • Alfie Cicale (McClure)
  • Renat Samur (Priestley)

Alfie Cicale, Renat Samur and Mittio Mohammadian

Fourth Form House Cup

  • Weymouth
  • Atkinson
  • Priestley

Remove Girls

  • Nathalia Prior (Murray)
  • Sasha Altman (School)
  • Holly Bick (Weymouth)

Holly Bick, Sasha Altman and Nathalia Prior

Remove Boys

  • Thomas Jones (School)
  • Aaron Ciaccio (Priestley)
  • Louie Savva (Weymouth)

Aaron Ciaccio, Tom Jones and Louie Savva

Remove House Cup

  • Weymouth
  • Burton Bank
  • School

Following the Junior results, the Senior and Overall winners were as follows:

Senior Girls Individual

  • Phoebe Dart
  • Kimberley Balcombe
  • Carlota Franques

Carlotta Franques (Mc), Kimberley Balcombe (Mc), Phoebe Dart (Mu)

Senior Girls House Cup

  • McClure
  • Ridgeway
  • Murray

Senior Boys Individual

  • Ed Goode
  • Hadrien Meyer
  • Jake Sugg

Hadrien Meyer (At), Ed Goode (Ce), Jake Sugg (BB)

Senior Boys House Cup

  • Priestley
  • = Burton Bank
  • = Atkinson

Overall House Shield

  • Weymouth
  • School
  • Priestley

There were some great performances from the Boarding Houses and the Girls in general this year, but congratulations to all those who not only took part but also to all the staff who helped make the Cross Country so successful this year.