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Year 6 Life Skills

On Wednesday early break, the whole of Year 6 boarded the coach to the ‘Hazard Alley Safety Centre’ in Milton Keynes.

They enjoyed a very speedy lunch in the sunshine, before spending the afternoon inside the ‘life size’ village. Here they encountered a range of ‘hazards’ such as; what to do in the event of a fire in the home, raising awareness of hazards associated with swimming anywhere other than a swimming pool and how to respond to an emergency and put someone into the recovery position.

This interactive learning experience gave pupils the opportunity to develop vital knowledge and strategies on how to stay safe. Highlights of the day included being scared to death by a gigantic spider in the alley, pupils making 999 calls with one group forgetting about poor Grandad and Miss Hockley being told off for nearly crossing the road at the wrong place and being instructed to walk all the way around and use the crossing.

A superb day out with Year 6. Thank you to all the staff who attended and supported the trip.