fb-pixel B FEST 2017 - Mill Hill Schools


B FEST 2017

Belmont’s Bfest Twenty Seventeen,
was an awesome spectacle to be seen,
As Saturday came and all was revealed,
This year the first to be held ‘on the field’
The big open space gave a festival feel,
Families and friends united, instantly our senses were ignited…
From the smell of souvlaki, To the steel band and stalls,
There was something to be enjoyed on the day by all,
BOP group treated us to a cool dance display,
Whilst the Demon Bowlers were hard at play,
A big congrats to our head Mr Roberts,
Who beat the rest, to now officially be crowned the best
And claim the Demon Bowler title of 2017!!..
Along with events on the cricket green,
There were many other attractions to be seen,
Excitable faces in water zorbs,
Happy Hungry Hippos grabbing balls,
Shooting Football and Basketballs,
DJ MC’ing and summer tunes playing,
Selfie-mirror snapping and laser tagging,
The sun was shining, the Prosecco was flowing,
The wet sponge was flying, to which we are all owing,
To the kind volunteers who stepped up to the plate,
And took a soggy sponge right in the face.
Thank you to Mr Ince, Mr Symes and all the rest,
Who have our utmost thanks and respect,
Thanks must go also, to our visiting stall holders,
Their stunning array was a site to behold(er!)
Beautiful hand-made clothing and jewellery,
Gifts to delight and Vintage Tea,
The fidget spinners were as popular as ever,
And our talented Henna artist was a treasure.
A huge thank you must also go to all,
Who volunteered to run our variety of stalls,
From arts and crafts, To Sweets galore!
There was apple bobbing and coconut lobbing,
Hairspraying and some serious selling…
From our very own Young Enterprise,
This year it was no surprise, to see them selling their popular goodies with pride,
Under the encouraging eye, of Miss Risianova, their guide,
The kids were especially thrilled this time,
To be able to buy some all coveted slime!
Thanks to all those who came and fed us…
From our very own Greek BBQ to the popcorn and candy floss,
Thanks to the teachers topping glasses and Pimms jars,
Behind the buzzing BFest Bar,
Thanks to the groundsmen and all who helped set up,
Fetching and carrying and putting gazebos up,
From start to finish until the raffle was drawn,
The support from each and all has been truly invaluable.
Last, but not least we thank the families who came,
And made this day so enjoyable in every way.
Now that the day is done, the counting has begun,
And we will let you know the outcome!
We hope our chosen charities will benefit greatly,
From all of the efforts of the Belmont community.