Our school gets a transformation

Grimsdell pupils arrived back to school on September 7th to discover that the entire school had transformed into a Forest!

The Foyer was adorned with real trees and the scent of rosemary to activate their senses and immerse them into their learning environment. This sees the launch of the first theme within our new creative curriculum. Each classroom offers its own woodland scene and the first lesson of the day in every classroom was a ‘discovery’, propelling children into a wonderful learning adventure through which so much of our curriculum will be delivered.

In Nursery and Reception a magic door appeared in the classroom with a treasure box behind it – What was inside?

In Year 1 the children went for a walk in the woods to discover a campsite and the children wrote notes to the mystery dweller to find out more about them.

In Year 2 the children went for a walk in the woods.  They found a note from a forester asking for their help to create signs and posters to teach people about the woods.

Read Mrs Simon’s blog next week to find out more…